About Me

Horses may have always been my passion but I did not discover my love for photography until college. I merely took a photography class to avoid taking fine arts. Although I didn’t know where it would lead me, I began to learn this was more than a class – it sparked a real interest in photography.

Have you ever thought you knew exactly how life was going to turnout, only to wake up one day and it is completely different than imagined? That was me, I thought I was going to grow-up, move to Colorado, marry a cowboy and live the rest of my life on a ranch riding horses. Well I did grow up and move to Colorado; but then I fell in love, which brought me straight back to Indiana pretty far from horse ranches. This was the beginning of realizing my path in life was not for me to decide.

It began with a friend asking me to do her wedding pictures. One wedding led into the next and the next—and it continues from there. Today I am a stay at home mom who loves taking pictures and making memories last! I feel like the luckiest person around; every day I get to watch and smile as my kids learn new things – all while pursuing my love of photography.

With every portrait session and wedding I will take the time to capture shots that are memorable and lasting. I want you to feel confident I have captured your child’s true personality or have created lasting memories of your special day. My goal is to capture the real moments in life that become sweeter with time.